CityCell - Company Profile

CityCell Cellular Communication deals with importation, marketing and distribution of equipment and accessories for cellular phones, smart phones and tablet computers.  The company was founded in 1995 straight into the era of exploding development in cellular communication in Israel and worldwide.  Since its foundation, the company has been marked as a leader of its sector in the Israeli marketplace of importation of unique, quality and lucrative products and accessories.

CityCell markets a wide and comprehensive variety of products and accessories for a variety of cellular and smart phones including advances Bluetooth devices (headsets and speakers), home and vehicle based chargers, batteries, covers, cases, spare parts, screen protectors and varies gadgets.  The company's success, being one of the ground breakers in the country and known for its credibility, is characterized mainly by its capability to adjust itself to the changing needs of the highly dynamic cellular world, thus positioning it as a leading importer and an exclusive representative of some of the world's choicest luxury products.

Pouchino - An assortment of cellular phone and tablet cases with top-tier designs and the highest standards.

GRIP CASE - A house brand for a variety of fashionable covers chosen for their highest finish and quality.

Gripqi - A leading brand for car mounts including dashboard mounts and selfi rods with Bluetooth support.

CORAL - A variety of Bluetooth products  meeting international requirements and standards, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Communication.

ENERGY - An assortment of power bank backup batteries, premium vehicle mounted and domestic chargers, certified by the Israeli Institute of Standards.

X-Doria - An American brand of luxury covers with maximum protection for the device

The company's products are marketed all over the country in a variety of marketing channels including the Ministry of Defense, government agencies, retails networks, cellular operator authorized distributors as well as hundreds or retailers spread around the country.

The company's office are located in the Yavne industrial zone.In order to secure its leading market position, the company has placed the highest level or professionalism and service at its top priority.  For this end, the company HQ includes importation experts knowledgeable with procedures both in Israel as well as in the source markets (the US, china and South Korea), constantly working to learn of every innovation in the cellular sector and finding ways to accustom those to the Israeli public; regional sales managers; a sales and support team located in the company's showrooms and a skilled and courteous accounting and logistics team.
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